Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hipster-Oldster Correlation

I find that hispters are more than vaguely reminiscent of old people. And here's why:

1. They wear the same clothes.
     -Hipsters are representing their fashion sense by wearing what I like to call "grandma gear." More and more often I see young guys and gals sporting 60's and 70's vintage mom and dad wear. Not that I'm complaining, the only frustrating thing about this plain truth is that they can pull it off and I can't.

2. They are proud medicinal marijuana card holders.
     -Whether it's due to glaucoma or a raging case of the i-want-to-get-highsies, hipsters and oldsters alike seem to flock to cannabis cannery's like moths to a lava lamp.

3. They live in communes.
     -Hipsters live and vacay in communes to promote the good of the earth, while oldsters live in communes because sadly they have to. Either way I think communes are a pretty good idea and with population growth going the way it is, community living is probably the next step in social evolution. Plus, think of all the potlucks!

4. They're people watchers.
     -One of my favorite past-times with my great grandma was a little game we called "people watching," which is not so much a game as it is sitting and staring at things, specifically other humans going about their various activities. And if you've ever dallied around midtown you can feel the eyes of a thousand hipsters watching you as you go. Don't take it as an insult, they're just people watching (and probably judging, but mostly just the other thing).

5.They live in the memory of a decadent past.
      -The fact that most places that sell Ipods also sell record players insinuates that the youthful hipsters of today are kickin back with some dope LP's and a glass of their finest Ovaltine. This is one of the attributes I most admire about hipsters, because if they don't remember and cherish the radness of the past decades, who will? To your complete lack of Bieber fever, dear hipsters and oldsters, I salute you.

Thus concludes my daily observation. They're not all winners.

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