Friday, November 25, 2011

Memes Part 4: The Celebrity Meme

Time to get our celebrity meme on and to educate yoself before you....wreck... yoself? Meh. Close enough. OH! that reminds me of a non-celebrity meme that goes a little something like this:

Close Enough Dude takes awesome sayings and talents and does them to a degree that is suitable enough for his or her taste. Say you want to have a fancy shmancy date and impress the person whose pants you're trying to shimmy your way into, so you attempt to make something like this:

But it ends up looking like this:

Close Enough Dude would swoop in and be like BAM:

He's really good at making the world feel better about our own mediocrity. High five CloNuff. Very High Five.

Now, on to the celebs. Aren't you totes excited?!?! No?...that's fair. But I'm doing them anyway.

#1 Not Bad Obama
Not Bad Obama is slightly impressed by what you're doing there. As seen here:

As you tra-la-la around the interwebs, you'll find that Obama is impressed by a lot less than that, but punching a bear in the face is fa sho worthy of a "Not Bad." Not bad indeed, former US Ski Team member Ani Haas.

#2 The Freddie Mercury Rage Pose
Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, has a lot of talents, but rage posing might just be the one that makes him a god among memes. Nothing says "Yes. I win." like:
This thing has success written all over it. This is actually the ending pose of my happy dance (a succession of dance punches and kicks followed by none other than...RAGE POSE).

#3 The Kanye "Imma Let You Finish" Meme
Kanye will go down in flames...I mean infamy.. for his epic pwn of Taylor Swift at awards thingys. I don't watch awards shows, because well...I don't give a shit. But even I know about this embarrassing celebrity moment, and if there's anything that can make an amazing meme, it's an epic f*ck up by a famous person (I'm sparing you the Rebecca Black memes for reasons that should be obvious). Kanye's meme is gonna let you get back to your business, but wants you to know someone else's business was the best business of the year. Case in point:

Inappropriate? Highly. Hilarious? Even more so.

Memen so hard mutherf*&ers try to fine me.

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