Saturday, December 17, 2011

Internet Crap I Just Can't Live Without

The title should be self explanatory. If it's not, you're screwed. Clap your hands say GO:

(In no particular order, ish I visit on the daily)

This is where I get my meme fix for the day. Content is continuously updated every minute or so and you will undoubtedly lose your soul to this site. Hilarity ensues. Plus it's a great way to make yourself and your friends that are also on 9gag seem cooler than you are. Create that hipster bubble, create it real good.

Dirty poop garden of nonsense.

So, I'm a little weirded out to admit that I read a mommyblogger site. But damn it if it isn't the truth. This lady, Heather Armstrong, is the sassiest, funniest, most relate able mom for a non-mom (me) I've ever read. I want to be her friend and high five her regularly because she makes me bust my proverbial gut so much. But start at the beginning of her blogs is all I ask. I dunno, check her out, if you hate her then we can no longer be friends. No biggie.

4.  the fourteen, aka
The Fourteen is an ingenious blog by a current Columbia University student going through the MFA Acting Class of 2014. It follows their trials and tribulations through one narrative voice with guest spots here and there. I like it because it takes you through an experience you would otherwise be excluded from. I mean, who hasn't wanted to get their Masters from Columbia freaking University? Well, now you get to. Except for the Meh.

This is a daily news compilation by a right wing nut job. Sure, he totes hates Obama, and sure he can do a little fear mongering every now and again. But for a left wing tree hugger such as myself, its nice to gain a little perspective every now and again. We can't always cling to our Johnny Huffington Post ideals.

See what I did there? Get your left wing blog on and read some super entertaining, thought provoking, political prose by Alec Baldwin and other celebrities who actually know what they're talking about...for the most part.

7. the adventures of pretentious mcknowitall in the eighth dimension, aka
This sass master's blog is all about giving bad movies a good literary raping. Whilst being sassy.

Elaine Carroll is so much funnier than you and I will ever be and she proved it by creating a web series based on a caricature of Mary Kate Olsen and her bodyguard name Bodyguard and a life of Prozac smoothies and Vera Wang snuggies. Comic muthafugging Gold. Updated every so and so.

9. suri's burn book, aka
Written in the classic narrative style of 5 year old fashionista Suri Cruise (daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), this blog is for betches everywhere who are ready for Suri to put all those other "celebrity children" in their rightful place.. directly below her child sized Manolo Blahniks. Take none of it seriously, and enjoy absolutely all of it.

10. jenna marbles, aka
I have no words. She just is. You must see to believe. DONT watch if you are easily offended...because, dear god. Actually, if you're easily offended you probably shouldn't be reading this blog in the first place, so...ya know. Stop it.

Ok ten is enough to keep you busy for the next three years. Thank me by sharing my blog with your friends and people you hate.

Merry Holidays Chaps and Chippies!

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