Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Much Is Much Too Much?

Hey remember when I talk about nonsensical things that vaguely refer to pop culture and have no real importance concerning politics, the environment, or human emotions? Well...this is not that post. But it kind of still is because...hey, I can only get so deep. THAT'S WHAT HE SAID.

Oh god...I've already gone awry.

Ok my previous post I told you about a mommyblogger site (yes I read mommyblogger sites, 2 in fact. And 1) yes, I know I'm not of the maternal-spit-a-7-pound-human-out-of-my-hoohah persuasion and 2) my racy In Your Face (lolz) Shenanigans does not lend itself to what one might think is common ground for said Mother types. But to that I say NAY! fellow internet goer(s). We're all people reaching out to other people. I'm not sure what that means but hopefully it makes my point.

Jesus, I really got off track there. SO, one of the mommyblogger sites I read is and I go there for the reassurance that I could in fact be a mother one day because this beezy finds the same hilarious things about tiny humans that I find hilarious, like how adorably stupid they are, and how they're just like tiny drunk frat boys in that they vomit constantly, can't walk a straight line if they're bah bah depended on it, and that they will never call you back the next day. They've got hand-eye coordination to master before that goes down. I really like this lady. She makes me high five my computer on a fairly consistent basis, costing a lot in computer repair but simultaneously making it totally worth it.

She's going through a trial separation in her seemingly perfect marriage with her seemingly perfect husband. She has a history of mental illness and recently posted about suicidal thoughts while having full overseeing responsibility of her children, while her husband stays elsewhere. How the hell do I know all of this? Because she wrote about it. So did her husband in his own blog. Why I care is another issue altogether but it brings me to a very important question that I just can't get out of my much information is too goddamn much information? I really like this woman's musings but now I'm thinking about the safety of her kids? That's weird. And just super duper the most inappropriate thing ever since I will never meet this woman.

It's weird to think that someone's blog can launch them into the kind of life that celebrities have in terms of paparazzi and invasion of privacy and all that gobblety gook. But in all honesty, they are the ones who put themselves out there... to be loved, to be judged, to be worshiped, and to be hated.

I guess I just want people to be aware that whether it's livejournal or blogger or 9gag or facebook posts, people do in fact watch you, what you do, who you are, what you say and they WILL have an opinion about it. It seems so safe because we do it from our own homes and it feels like only our group of friends will be the ones that care enough to read or watch or reply, but that's just bootsy. Everyone has access to those thoughts and feelings and potentially embarrassing fuck ups if it's on the internet. At least until SOPA shuts our shit down. Ugh...then we'll have to actually interface with each other. And I for one, am really not looking forward to that. Human connection? BARF SAUCE.

Speaking of too much information here's a picture of me naked:

                                                (Awwww gone done it again!)

Of course I didn't post a picture of me naked. What the hells the matter with you?



  1. Haha, great post, and I have to agree with you. With the trends going on with the twitter, facebook, etc, I think people are going a little over board with what they put out there. I don't need to know your daily routine. Period. On the topic of children though, I dreaded the image of myself producing a demon spawn, as did the whole world, but it's amazing to have a little mini me following me around all day. We eat cereal together (out of the same bowl, because mine always tastes better I guess), we watch cartoons together, and we even take naps together. Trust me, it's hard as hell to picture, but you'll enjoy it one day. Or not. Or will you O_o

  2. I love you, I judge you, I worship you and I hate you. I especially value our lack of human connection.

  3. It's good to know others have the same fear and were rewarded with adorable cereal thiefs. Or mini cereal ninjas if you will. I could get on board with the idea of birthing a ninja with a penchant for Honey Bunches of Oats.